Miniland, the brand which accompanies and connects the great potential of parents, children and educators to reach together a world of shared growth, will introduce one more year its new 2020 childcare collection at BABY KID SPAIN.

Miniland products are born from the effort to meet the needs of today’s parents. For this reason, in our quest for continuous improvement, we continue introducing innovative references that connect to the first parent-oriented application, eMyBaby; such as warmy advanced deluxe, the only intelligent bottle warmer and sterilizer on the market; humitop connect, the wifi-connected humidifier for better monitoring of humidity levels. In line with this technological line, Miniland also introduces its collection of toys that help children in their daily needs while having fun that combines the experience of physical and digital play.

On the other hand, in this edition, Miniland definitively consolidates its commitment to childcare collections with lines such as Magical and Mediterranean. Magical, around the concept of relaxation, arises from a real need detected to promote sleep and rest for the baby. It is distinguished by a characteristic print that gives coherence to the entire collection, as well as Mediterranean¸ which covers a diverse range of thermoses, covers, hermetics and cutlery.

Within the category of outings, and after the success of the last year, new articles have been added to the Eco-Friendly collection, which arose out of concern for the environment. With a cheerful and fun design, includes various items with presence of bio-based materials. New references stand out, such as pocket cutlery made of wood, solid and liquid thermos and other complementary accessories aimed at baby care.

So, came to discover all the innovative products we have waiting for you at BABY KID SPAIN 2020, Alameda aisle, booth C96.