The Incubator of Babykid Spain + FIMI, a space that seeks to inspire sustainability and recycling in an ECO friendly event

The Incubator is the inspirational space, ECO, which will welcome all professionals in the fashion and childcare sector who attend the new Babykid Spain + FIMI event.   Lucia Colom, CEO of the company … I love to think with you, specialized in creating interior spaces and creative atmospheres at fairs, always under the philosophy “designing for a better world”, has been the curator of the exhibition The Incubator, this space so singular, where Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Barreira Arte + Diseño, Rosa Montesa, Chantal Chittka of the Superior School of Ceramics of Manises EA + SC, Ricardo Alcayde, Asindown, Aiju and the illustrator Balbina Benito participated with their sustainable projects. + info: Babykid Spain + FIMI with this space has wanted to raise awareness and give visibility to the concept of sustainability within the framework of an eco friendly event and in addition to its concern for the environment.   The exhibition shown by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is called “A world, 17 challenges” and is part of an awareness project aimed at fighting extreme poverty and building a more just and sustainable world. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in rural India through the FVF and is co-financed by the Generalitat Valenciana. An exhibition that during 2018 was in Public and Popular Universities of the Valencian Community. + info:   Asindown participates in this space with the Slow E_motion photo project with the objective of giving visibility to Down syndrome in which, through the values ​​of the companies, the values ​​of people with this syndrome are reflected. A “humanized” vision that bets on the welfare of the worker, product quality, teamwork, honesty, happiness, work from the heart, passion, unity … Identical emotional values ​​that Asindown intends to convey. + info:   For its part, the Barreira Arte + Diseño school project, coordinated by María Manrique and in which a total of 18 students participate, is called “Upcycling Men Workwear” of the CLÉE collective. A project that talks about respect and harmony in all creative phases and where sustainable, ethical and eco-design solutions are proposed. All under the motto “Make it work”, find solutions through effort and perseverance, always with respect and commitment to sustainability. + info:

Chantal Chittka of the Superior School of Ceramics of Manises AE + SC, has developed the project, “portable ceramics”, a set of portable porcelain tableware and easy to pack and transport. A tableware to eat outside dignified, pleasant and, above all, environmentally friendly. Even the wrappers serve both to transport the elements that make up the dishes and to be used as a tablecloth, all made with used shirts and sheets. + info:; @chantalqtal   Aiju, Technological Institute of Product and Leisure, tells us about the trajectory of the Center for Research and Development of more sustainable materials for use in different sectors. Currently, Aiju is working on the BECOMING GREEN project, whose objective is to develop and improve some of the properties presented by existing biomaterials in the market to adapt to the quality and safety requirements of consumer products such as toys, containers and household items . + info:   Some mannequins dressed in the floral suit, in recycled material, that Cristina Pedroche wore to give the bells of last year, where the designs are made with cardboard egg cups, with bags and with plastic bottles and made by Rosa Montesa of creative recycling ,, will also be protagonists of The Incubator. Two ECO illustrations by the designer and illustrator Balbina Benito,, will frame the recycled designs of Rosa M. and the cartons and corks of the Ricardo Alcaide Workshop Studio,, will complete the exhibition of La Incubadora.