Calamaro have created a sweet winter collection

In Calamaro, we have created a sweet winter collection characterized by enveloping garments and rich in textures, magical and warm garments, with impeccable finishes and full of details.

A classic, comfortable and new style with versatile designs and quality fabrics. Warm and soft cottons, delicate gauzes and irreplaceable panas are the key fabrics of this winter season, some of them accompanied with lovely winter printed fabrics.

A collection full of pale colors, romantic lines and vintage touch.

The classic designs, present in any good winter collection and the tricot, form the most classic line in the collection.

Brown colors and dark orange that represent the designs with retro and vintage inspiration.

Sweet colors, always present in our color palette: pink, light blue, sand and hazelnut tones that enhance the softer and traditional line of the collection.

We enhance the gray range, a flattering color in all its shades, easy to combine and ideal for the basics a. A neutral and unisex color combined in plain and flirty prints.

We introduce garnet and earth tones, in order to create elegant and colorful looks.

The garments for the most special occasions are dressed in plumeti and viyellas fabrics accompanied by laces, elegant bows and delicate ribbons that give the final touch to make each garment unique.