BOMBONCITO KIDS, in Babykid Spain + FIMI


The birth of Bomboncito Kids means the arrival of a brand new concept to the world of children’s fashion. The combination of own prints, and an actual chromatic proposal plus the claim that kids should be dressed as kids, drifts in an original concept. Also, the passion for designing, the innovation and the kids above all, has driven us to find ways to ease the little one’s life (and their parent’s life too). Bomboncito Kids presents the stainsproof fabrics for kids wear: because stains should not be a problem neither for kids nor their parents. Because… the spots slide us.


“The hidden treasures forest”, our first A/W collection, has been inspired by those foggy and romantic landscapes that incite us to get sheltered and to come around a good fire. Those landscapes where the wet ground aromas contrast with the penetrating smell of the burning firewood. But in our forest the less usual habitants also become main characters in this collection too.

A/W 20-21 collection gets shaped in five different stories that become illustrated by each of the prints that belong to the collection and which reinforce the brand values: personality, equality, functionality, sustainability and versatility. Inspired by the beauty of the nature, the delicate dhalias, the hummingbirds, the chestnuts, the mushrooms and even a funny and colorful snakes family are the main characters of a modern and daring collection.


Jiggin Snakes

When a funny family of snakes decides that life will be a constant dance of shinny colors

Sweet Dhalias

When delicacy sprouts beautifully and savagely in the forest.   

Mushroom Reverie

When the magic and the colors invade the most recondite places of our forest.

Humming Rhapsody

When the whisper of the hummingbirds harmonizes creating a delicate soundtrack.  

Lady Chestnut

When the chestnuts get dressed and stand up as the main role of the Winter.