All Tallytate sustainable childcare brands in Babykid Spain + FIMI

From Tallytate we distribute brands that fall in love with both Spain and Portugal, we look for those that offer security, quality and design to be able to offer them to our clients and that they can offer them with the same affection to parents.

In our catalog you can find clothes, backpacks, bathtubs, nests of colecho, etc. We are very aware of the care of the environment, so we have sustainable brands such as: Fresk (backpacks made from recycled PET bottles and textile clothing made from 100% organic cotton), Affenzahn (backpacks made from 50% recycled PET bottles) , Miniware (dishes made of bamboo fibers) and Timboo (bibs made of bamboo).

Among our brands is also Penny Scallan, with colorful and fun raincoats and umbrellas, as well as waterproof backpacks. Zoocchini, with a line of swimsuits, ponchos and T-shirts with UPF 50 sun protection. As well as Duukies, soft and comfortable socks to protect the feet from hot sand, rocks and slippery floors. Manufactured with UV protective neoprene.

Tallytate tries since its creation to have a deal as close as possible to the client, attending quickly and professionally any questions you have.