Pipichu for a healthier planet

Pipichu brand will be in FIMI! We will offer you a wide product range of sweaters, dresses, jackets, accessories and much more! We personally design and make each of our clothes looking to create different products for each season and offering fathers and mothers a space where to find the healthiest clothes, that is why our factory is audited in good social and labor practices and with people who want a healthier planet. Most of them have a lifetime in the textile sector and others like us, we are still learning from them. Our purpose, to unite to offer you the best product.

We think that the philosophy to follow is to “buy less, choose better” that is why our products are manufactured with the best European yarns, so they last as long as possible and always betting on quality. All our available clothing are completely made with 100% organic cotton or with chemical-free materials and dyes harmful to the health of our children.

Come to our stand to meet us, we would love to greet you and provide you with all the information you want to know about us!