My Baby Mattress takes care of the sleep quality of the little ones with their mattresses

The main objective of My Baby Mattress is to take care of the rest of the little ones, because we are aware of the importance that a good rest has in its development, which is achieved with a mattress of the highest quality.

The firm seeks that children have a happy rest, but, above all, safe. That is why they have an OEKO-TEX certificate and comply with the UNE-EN16890 standard in all their mattresses. Thanks to its values ​​of innovation, quality and guarantee, My Baby Mattress stands out today among the major European manufacturers.

Its products are adapted to the needs of all its customers, thus fulfilling its mission, helping the little ones get the best rest. In addition, they are committed to the environment and invest in advanced technology, respectful of nature, always seeking the safety of the smallest of the house, as well as that of the workers who thoroughly manufacture each of their products.