Infaneto will launch the news of the Munchkin brand at Babykid Spain + FIMI

Infaneto, official distributor in Spain of the famous American brand Munchkin, will present its latest news at this fair. Among them we will find the new models of their 360º Miracle drip cups. This new collection, called `WildLove´, is made in collaboration with the International Foundation for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the Whale Sanctuary Project to give voice to important species and help protect them for future generations. Among its beautiful designs we can find animals as dear to the smallest as the killer whale, the polar bear and the fox. Its technology and design eliminate spills and take care of the teeth, since it is a children’s glass without a mouthpiece, as recommended by dentists. They are the best option for them to learn to drink from a cup without staining.

We will also find the new gift packs that include a selection of the best products and that are increasingly well received among childcare stores around the world. In these packs we will find different options, both from the bathroom range, as well as food, carefully chosen to result in a perfect combination.
The beautiful design of their packaging makes them the best option to give away items of this brand. Among them, we can find products as beloved by parents and children as their famous plates with suction cup Smile, the collection of their `Splash´ dishes, the best models of their popular 360º Miracle cups, different types of ergonomic and learning cutlery e, even its thermo-sensitive rubber ducks, among others.

With all these developments, in addition, Munchkin shows us the update and improvement of its new visual identity that, from now on, will accompany all its products.