Bontibú, a new children’s brand of natural cosmetics that triumphs with its talcum powder and cotton in Babykid Spain + fimi

Organic ingredients and mild formulas are dermatologically tested to protect the skin from the smallest keys in the Bontibú child care line.

Bontibú is a brand of infantile cosmetics that in just 10 months of life has revolutionized the sector with its high quality organic products, whose main mission is to take care of the fragile baby and children.

Made in Spain, the cosmetics of Bontibú are supported by natural ingredients. Pure essentials, such as the argan or the almond, calendula, aloe vera, the scents of vanilla and roses leading to the colony, the shower gel and the location of the brand. Bontibú completes its catalog with Konjac sponges, travel necessities and special treat kits.

Its cologne, with aromas of melocotón, chamomile and vainilla, must be an odor, with talc and cotton that suits it in the soil in the product among the children, also bell among adults, counting with the waiting list to be with her.

Containing mild and dermatologically tested formulas and traces of parabens, silicones sulphates, Bontibú products are suitable for sensitive skin, including fresh ones. In addition, its packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

All of it complies with the mission of its founder, Tamara Izquierdo, to create a cosmetic that on the ground ensures the perfect care of the child’s skin, bell that is also respectful without losing a drop of quality and aesthetics.

* Bontibú will be on FIMI + BabyKid from 24th to 26th June 2020 on the space ‘See Me’ on stand S4 ‘(level 3 – panel 7).

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