Barcellino, making of the “Made in Italy” a lifestyle

We produce clothes and accessories for babies from 0 months to 3 years: Romper suits, dresses, cerimony clothes, blankets, sheets, bibs, shoes, hats, bathroom stuffs, underwear.

Our product is distinguished by its style and comfort, with predilection of quality: style, materials, embroidery, prints and production of the goods are completely produced in Italy.

Dressing newborns is probably the most difficult business challenges.

To be a reference point for clothing from 0 to 36 months, the company adopts the following strategies:

1. Searching the perfect lift, in order to to follow the movements of the baby at each stage of his growth; 2. selecting responsibly row materials ( 100% cotton or cachemire fabrics, accessories, etc…) according to their tolerance and production in accordance with ethical values; 3. being always up-to-date in stylistic chooses, following the fashion trend but always being focused on child psychology to respect their sensitivity, imagination and innocence; 4. producing and finishing everything in Italy making of the “Made in Italy” a lifestyle.

That’s what makes Barcellino different. That’s VJ SRL effort, to contribute day after day, to improve newborns life quality.