Babykid Spain + FIMI prepares an “eco & enjoy” business scenario

Babykid Spain + FIMI prepares a second call that will be marked by the business in an “eco & enjoy” environment and that will once again surprise buyers and participating brands.

Not in vain, Babykid Spain + FIMI will bring together in its commercial showcase the most complete offer of products related to the universe of childhood; fashion, childcare, footwear and accessories, and continues to add sectors.

In addition to the complete commercial offer, all the spaces that will make up Babykid Spain + FIMI will be cared for down to the smallest detail. JAIMUM, MYTIME and GUARDERÍA Lovely Fieras will make visiting the event easier and more comfortable and the 360º TALKS with experts in the world of fashion and childcare, will reveal their secrets to us to succeed in our business.

And after each day, a little bit of networking and snacking at the “late Party” to continue talking about business in a relaxed atmosphere.